SETSOFRAN London: a fashion game changer!

Kabelo Adamson

Dublin based Motswana launches online fashion store

In an exciting new first for local fashion, 36-year-old Setso Fran, a Motswana nurse based in Dublin, is set to launch an online fashion store for women this month.

Inspired by Fran’s unique sense of style, SETSOFRAN London aims to bring fashion and lifestyle together.

“We design every single piece to the highest quality. Not only do we want our fashion-forward customers to look chic and elegant, we also want them to be comfortable,” explained the Serowe native, who has been living in Dublin, Ireland for the last six years.

SETSOFRAN London includes collections for of all seasons, including special occasions, casual wear as well as accessories.

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SETSOFRAN London: a fashion game changer!

“Our customers will enjoy limited edition styles and appreciate the uniqueness of our brand,” Fran told The Voice, proudly adding that the store offers free shipping worldwide.

“We pride ourselves on reliable worldwide delivery with free shipping option. We have excellent customer service ready to serve,” reiterated the Trinity College University of Dublin Nursing graduate.

The ambitious Fran has high hopes for her brand, which she was moved to start after attending London Fashion Week.

“The aim is to see SETSOFRAN London enter the international space and compete with global brands. Our collections will be readily available on the website 24/7 with the site scheduled to be launched later this month,” revealed the fashion savvy beauty.

“I express myself through fashion, and I like to stand out. Despite living in Europe, where I am closer to global fashion brands, I struggled to find outstanding styles,” continued Fran, adding that as tough as it was to find outfits that suited her own style, whenever she found them, and thanks to social media, people admired her style and wanted it.

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“Therefore, I decided to do pilot research by trading my pre-loved outfits via social media. I realised that my fashion style is in demand!”

Fran says she is now happy as she can channel her passion for fashion via SETSOFRAN London and enable others to access and enjoy her own style.

In the next five years, as well as widening the range of outfits offered, the enterprise intends to strengthen its global logistics network.

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“Botswana, in particular, is the market we would like to establish our high street presence. That will bring job opportunities for local talents across various disciplines such as fashion design, marketing, sales and logistics,” she concluded.

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