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Sereetsi at Durban Imbizo

Grooving in the Ghetto
Sereetsi at Durban Imbizo

I am Afrika, a new album from Sereetsi and the Natives will this week be the special focus of a panel entitled The Collaborators at one of Africa’s biggest music business conferences, The Music Imbizo in Durban.

Under a Swahili theme, Kushereka Africa: Yaliyopota. Sasa. Badaaye (Celebrating Africa: The Past.

The Present. The future), the 2021 edition, which began on Tuesday will feature workshops, masterclasses and presentations that speak to issues and challenges of the continent plus practical and relevant solutions from players in the value chain of the music industry.

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The panelists include Bokani Dyer(SA), Ismi Halida(Indonesia), Tomeletso Sereetsi(BW) and Wezi (Zambia).

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