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Sasa Klaas, Linah Mohohlo were to declare my innocence

Cathrine Moemedi

A man who refused to be finger printed by the police for an alleged shop breaking and theft has told the court that he cannot submit his finger prints, accusing the police of wanting to frame him for and offence he did not commit.

The 37-year-old Goitseone Sondani further told the court that he is going to suffer a great prejudice due to the prosecution’s delay as his Key witnesses, Sarona (Sasa Klaas) Motlhagodi and Linah Mohohlo are now deceased.


“The state has delayed this case for too long, why do they want to finger print me now after two years and three months. I was with the late Sasa klaas and Linah Mohohlo in Gaborone when the alleged offence was committed. They were to declare my innocence before this honorable court” submitted Sondani.

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According to state Prosecutor Inspector Paul Basupi they need Sondani’s finger prints to compare them with the ones that have been found on the stolen items and at the crime scene.

“There are finger prints that were lifted at the crime scene and now we need his finger prints to compare to those that have been found,’’ revealed Basupi.


Sondani told the court that it was wrong that the prosecution has already concluded that the finger prints that were lifted at the crime scene were his and there is no need for him to submit his own.

The matter has been set for September, 28th for ruling on the finger printing issue, while Sondani’s remand warrant has been extended until then.

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