Remembering Mapetla

Daniel Chida
REST IN PEACE: Thabo 'Mapetla' Ntirang

Entertainment industry mourn the passing of a legend

On Monday morning, Botswana woke to the shocking news that Kwaito star, Thabo Ntirang, passed away in the night.

Best known by his nicknames, Mapetla and Skhokho, the 40-year-old musician and businessman died in a car accident, hitting a tree in Phakalane.

The Voice staffer, DANIEL CHIDA, speaks to leaders of the entertainment industry as they mourn the premature passing of a true legend.

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Rasina Rasina – BOMU Secretary

Mapetla was not just a highly accomplished musician, but a deserving household name in the Kwaito genre.

His resounding stage presence and wonder performances, catapulted him to the very top of the Botswana music industry.

Apart from his immense creativity, it is his indomitable personality that will be his greatest legacy to the creative sector.

His grit and determination will continue to be a defining inspiration to many upcoming performing artists.

The tragic demise of Mapetla has left the music industry reeling speechlessly in excruciating pain.

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The deafening silence of his distinct sound and voice will indeed reverberate to be the sound of silence.

We at Botswana Musicians Union are lost for words.

We are with the family in this difficult and confusing time.

Skems – Promoter

I met Petlas Tavern some years ago and I was and still am a big fan of his music.

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I used to play it a lot in my show while still at Yarona FM and I still do on my show at Duma FM especially the ‘Sbuyile’ hit.

We used to hang at our radio station every Friday at a spot we call, ‘Park Station’ and he would share his jokes as we pass time.

He will be missed.

I remember when I was sold a counterfeit Cognac and he helped me get back my money and mocking me of how I failed to recognise it.

Rest Well Skhokhovic aka Petlas Tavern

Berry Heart – Businesswoman/Poet

While we met in the industry years ago and became friends, Mapetla and I have a very special relationship as he is the father of my God son, Weno Doopsy Thebe, whom they have together with my sister, Mercy Rebaone Thebe.

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Last time we saw each other was not long ago when he dropped Doopsy at my house for a weekend.

He was going to a show outside Gaborone.

He will surely be missed as a fellow artist and father of my child.

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My prayers go to Doopsy and his young sister, Myler Zebe.

Losing a parent when young is indeed a sad thing.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Fizzy The DJ – DJ

Although I am saddened by the passing of our legend ‘Mapetla’ I can find solace in the knowledge that he lived a full and meaningful life and that his legacy will live on in our hearts and mind.

May his memory be a blessing to us all and may we honor him by continuing to thrive for excellence in all what we do.

I will never forgot the first time I headlined an event with him in Gabane and we rocked the place so hard, we were more than happy.

The flowers he gave me that day keeps me going and believing so much in me, a whole inspiration he was.

May your soul rest in eternal peace Skhokho.

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T.H.A.B.O – Artist/MC/DJ

I met Mapetla in the early 2000s before leaving T-Joint and rumours were that he was going to replace me there since his name also started with a T.

He worked with Mr Tagg and I used to check them at their studio.

Our friendship grew and we recorded an album with 12 songs called ‘Thabo Le Thabo’ but strangely with never released it.

We used to hang with the likes of Kenny Makhenzo, P – Magg and Skazzo.

We wanted to keep Kwaito alive as it started in Botswana.

He had good songs but never wanted to release them and I don’t know why.

He will always be in our hearts, what a talented man we lost.

Hey Nyenaah – MC

Our mothers were close friends and that made us friends too although he was more of an older brother than a friend to me.

I grew under his watchful eye and even when he became a celebrity he never forgot me.

Along the way I came too as an MC and he supported my craft all the way until his last day.

We have lost a good man.

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