Quality recognition for BotswanaPost

APPRECIATIVE: Ramatlhakwane receiving the award

BotswanaPost has been counted among fifteen countries recognized for best-implemented Quality of Service projects at the ongoing Universal Postal Union (UPU) conference in Berne, Switzerland.

The National Designated Postal Operator was conferred the award on the 4th of May 2023 by the UPU Director General, Masahiko Metoki, following BotswanaPost’s exceptional results in improving the quality of its international mail delivery service.

In recognition of this milestone, the Chief Executive Officer – Cornelius Ramatlhakwane, when receiving the award indicated that the award was a testament to the continued investment in the vast benefits of modern technology for business growth and more importantly to contribute to positive customer experiences much needed in the sector.

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The UPU’s Quality of Service Fund (QSF) is a funding platform for developing countries to implement projects that aim at improving the quality of service of the global postal network in general and focusing on strengthening the domestic postal network and infrastructure of beneficiary countries.

The QSF Board has been conferring awards for the best-implemented QSF projects, since 2007. The decision as to which postal operator receives an award is informed by the results of project evaluations carried out during the previous year in which BotswanaPost was recognized.

This award solidifies BotswanaPost’s commitment to all its customers to ensure that we continue to improve service delivery and uphold quality standards for the benefit of customers.

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