Put your house in order Mr CEO

Drunk man sleeping on car trunk

Shaya has been holding back on to this one for sometime with the hope that this reckless CEO will take stock of himself and put his house in order, but it seems the man is on the roll with no signs of slowing down.

A little birdie has told Shaya that things are in crisis mode at this budding youthful company as the CEO’s lavish lifestyle continues to curtail the progress of his company.

If it is not for paying employees very very late, the CEO is continuously under the deputy sheriff’s watch, yet he is seen around town and on social media showing off his latest expensive toys.

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Shaya’s source has revealed to Yours truly that the man is steeped in so much debt that he is unable to service his loan with CEDA.

Shaya knows there is a huge Government contract in the works for you so I advise that you clean up your act sir, and take this country forward since you have found favour with the current administration.

In the meantime, Yours truly will be sipping on a hot cup of Jacob’s coffee watching this scene unfold.

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