Our Dubai experience

Sharon Mathala
ON STAGE: Maxy with her dancers in Dubai

Khoisan, Maxy Khoisan reflect on Dubai Expo

As the debate on Return on Investment (ROI) rages on after the just ended Dubai Expo 2020, for artists who performed on stage the experience and opportunity was a dream come true, after two gloomy years that were brought by Covid-19.

Three of the biggest Botswana artist brands made the ensemble that performed at the just ended Dubai Expo where Botswana was part of the 182 countries participating at the event which attracted an estimated 60 million visitors over the six months.

The three are Maxy Khoisan, Ndingo Johwa and the duo of Khoisan backed up by dancers and back up vocalist.

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Our Dubai experience
SHOW TIME: Khoisan perform at the Dubai Expo Botswana celebration

Voice Entertainment caught up with two of the three artists who performed in front of the world, to tell the Botswana story.

First we spoke to none other than Mmagauta.

Her hit 2000 hit song “ Re Batswana’ was undoubtedly the highlight of the show but for Maxy Khoisan representing Botswana on such a Global platform will forever be embedded in her history.

“I have been in the game for 22 going on 23 years now and I have performed on international ground but I can say the Dubai expo was by far my best experience,”said Maxy

According to her, Botswana was one of the last countries to showcase at the six-month long expo and having the world watch their performance was nerve wrecking.

“We were an ensemble meaning that we had to merge our songs into one performance and it was really fun,” she said.

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For their part Khoisan of ‘mpoledise’ fame in a telephonic interview told The Voice that the Dubai Expo catapulted their career to greater heights.

For the youngsters, who have been in the game for five years now, it was a dream come true.

“Performing in front of such influential monied people was a big one for us. Botswana and USA were the only countries who brought in performances and so there was a lot of interest in our country. After performances people were lined up to have conversations with us so it was really exciting,” Thabang Rasefako , one half of the Khoisan outfit said.


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