Open mouth closed mind

Sinqobile Tessa
UNWISE: Oppah Muchinguri

“Coronavirus is the work of God punishing countries that imposed sanctions on us. They are now keeping indoors. Their economies are screaming just like they did to ours. Trump should know that he is not God.”

This shocking and reckless statement was made by our Defence Minister, Oppah Muchinguri at a gathering of Zanu PF supporters over the weekend, much to the bemusement of many people within and beyond borders.

One wonders if the minister was is her right frame of mind when she said this or as usual, she was just singing for her supper and pleasing her master.

Being a senior cabinet minister and a big fish in Zanu PF, I am also tempted to think that this is the sickening view of our leaders about the deadly pandemic which has literally led to a shutdown of some countries.

Muchinguri’s statement also explains why the government has taken a laissez-faire attitude towards the virus; they think because we are victims of western sanctions God will spare us the pandemic, how pathetic!

In fact, the truth is that as Zimbabweans we are not victims of US and European sanctions as these are only targeted at senior government and Zanu PF officials. We are instead suffering because of the poor leadership that we have, such as the minister herself.

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The dishonorable minister also exposed her ignorance by insinuating that America is hardest hit when in fact it is our all weather friends, the Chinese who are bearing the brunt of the virus since it originated from there.

China did not impose sanctions on Zimbabwe, so how does the minister explain the fact that they are hard hit?

And what about our neighbours who have recorded cases, what are they being punished for?

As somebody once rhetorically asked, what wrong did we do as a nation to deserve such leadership?

To make matters worse, this very unfortunate statement came hot on the heels of bizarre utterances made by President Emmerson Mnangangwa earlier in the week when officially opening a mortuary.

The President spoke highly of the coldness of the morgue and even offered to incentivize a family that would be the first to utilise the facility.

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What kind of a human being and a leader for that matter who wishes death upon others so that they can ‘experience’ the coolness of a mortuary, we are surely led by evil morons.

On the economic front, well there is nothing new to talk about as the ship continues to sink with each passing day with no hope in sight that things will get better.

The fear amongst many is that we are going back to that era of being poor millionaires. After all, signs are bare for every Jack and Jill to see.

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