Of a dunderhead VP and Bona’s divorce

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IN HAPPIER TIMES: Bona Mugabe with soon to be ex-husband, Simba Chikore

Our Vice President was labelled a dunderhead, there is alleged massive looting and smuggling of gold running into millions of US dollars every week and Bona Mugabe has filed for divorce.

And on the economic front, the 20 bond note is no longer recognised as money.

The last couple of days really have been jam packed with news, much to the amusement/despair of those who follow current affairs.

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Social media users have also been having fun, mocking Vice President, Constatino Chiwenga after he was branded a dunderhead by local businessman and gold dealer, Ewan Macmillan.

This was revealed in snippets of a documentary filmed by global news channel, Al Jazeera. The documentary, titled ‘Unveiling Zimbabwe’s Dark Secrets: Al Jazeera Exposes Looting, Plunder and Money Laundering’ is a two-year investigation into corruption and money laundering in Zimbabwe involving top government officials and their allies.

The money involved is reportedly generated from smuggling and selling local gold outside the country.

It was meant to be aired in a four-part series starting last week but the news channel issued a statement at the eleventh hour saying it had been suspended until further notice.

Of course, this late cancellation had conspiracists coming up with various gloomy theories as to why Al Jazeera might have pulled the plug at the last minute!

Parts of the documentary which were released, however, allege that our central bank and very senior government officials are involved in the high level corruption.

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In one of the trailers, Macmillan calls the VP a dunderhead, also claiming that they control 90 percent of the government.

Interestingly, on Tuesday evening, social media was awash with claims that the former was on the run and fearing for his life following the revelations that he has little regard for the VP.

In another bombshell, Bona Mugabe, 32, daughter of the late former President, Robert Mugabe is divorcing her husband, 46-year-old Simba Chikore after nine years of marriage.

The news instantly reminded me of how Mugabe told his son-in-law at a gathering prior to their wedding that he must not expect much from Bona in terms of household chores as she doesn’t even know how to cook sadza (paletshe) which is our staple food – not that it matters anyway but I could not help but think of it.

In the coming days, their multi-million dollar assets will be laid bare for all to see as they will no doubt both lay a claim to everything.

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The two were reportedly building a US$39 million (P524 million) mansion in Harare.

The project started just before Mugabe’s removal from power in 2017 and stalled after his demise and subsequent death in 2019.

Economically, our bond notes are as good as dead as the 20 bond note is now being declined by traders.

This is perfectly understandable considering it’s now valueless.

Our highest denomination, which is the 100 bond note, is equivalent to one South African rand so you can imagine where we are heading to as a country.

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