North West region endorses Masisi for BDP Presidency

Francinah Baaitse

The ruling Botswana Democratic Party’s (BDP) North West region has endorsed President Mokgweetsi Masisi for a second term in office and to lead the party beyond the coming October 2024 general elections.

The presidential nomination was done at the close of the regional congress in Maun this past Sunday where Masisi’s name was endorsed without opposition.

Towards general elections, the party nominates a president who will lead them to elections and automatically becomes the country president when the party wins majority votes at general elections.

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The names are nominated at all the 14 regional congresses and final endorsement is done at the party’s national congress.

“Information we have received so far is that all the regions which have held their conferences have shown confidence in his Excellency Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi and wants him to lead us in the coming parliament term. We are also proud of him and fully support him,” explained newly elected regional chairperson, Moatlhodi Judge Sango in an interview this week.

North West region endorses Masisi for BDP Presidency

Sango was elected a new chairperson in North West region this past Sunday after beating his opponent, Tebogo Boalotswe by 98 votes against 72.

Sango further said, “You were there when we called for nomination of any potential candidate, but the democrats were resolute on their decision that they want Masisi to lead the party and only his name was nominated, seconded and endorsed.”

Masisi will seek a second term in office and if his party wins majority votes he would sit for the next four years in office as the ten year term will end just a year before the 2029 elections.

This according to the current electoral system and BDP practice, the Vice president will then automatically ascend to state presidency.

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According to BDP supporters so far majority of the regions have endorsed Masisi, “Almost all the regions have endorsed him and i think it is only two regions who have not yet held their congresses but we believe that when they do, they will endorse him as well.”

The Party Secretary General, Kavis Kario also confirmed that the regions which have so far held their congresses have endorsed Masisi including Western, South West, Central, Bomase, North West and Sourthern regions while Shoma and Francistown regions will hold their congresses this coming weekend.

“It is a constitutional requirement and the regions will decide as to when they will do the endorsements, schedules will vary,” explained Kario.

Masisi, a Teacher by Profession, and former member of Parliament fo Moshupa-Manyana constituency, came to power through automatic succession, following his appointment to Vice Presidency by then state President, Ian Khama whose term ended in April 2018.

The smooth succession was then followed by conflict between the two leaders, Masisi and his predecessor.

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Towards 2029 general elections former Minsiter of Foreign Affairs Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi then challenged Masisi for presidency at the party’s special congress in Kang, but withdrew from the race at the last minute, leaving Masisi to be endorsed without opposition.

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