No relief for new year murder suspect

Cathrine Moemedi
SUSPECTED KILLER: Komotsae in the hot seat

A 26-year-old accused of killing his underage lover, reportedly striking her over the head with a log when she emerged from the bushes in the company of another man, has been further remanded behind bars.

Goitseone Komotsae was out on bail, charged with defiling his 17-year-old girlfriend, Tirisano Kesiametswe, when he allegedly ended his baby mama’s young life at Phathane cattle post on New Year’s Day.

Following his arrest on 5th January after fleeing from the clutches of an angry mob hungry for his blood, Komotsae was initially denied bail as investigations were fresh and key witnesses still to be interviewed.

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On Tuesday, Maun Magistrates’ Court again refused to set the murder suspect free, Magistrate Gofaone Mosweu noting he had formed a habit of violating Kesiametswe.

“The accused has another case of defilement in which the deceased is also a complainant. He does not dispute that he was in a relationship with the minor and that he has a child by her,” said Mosweu, adding even the physical assault stemmed from his suspicions she was cheating on him.

“He was released on bail and, a month later, he committed an offence more grievous than the first. His behaviour shows disregard of the rule of law,” ruled the magistrate.

For his part, Komotsae maintained he never defiled the deceased.

Updating the court on the status of the investigations, State Prosecutor, Kebigetswe Reid, revealed they are still awaiting some statements and a forensic affidavit.

The background of the case is that on 1st January, Komotsae and Kesiametswe were attending a party when the teenager suddenly disappeared.

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Suspecting his woman had snuck away for sex, Komotsae is said to have searched relentlessly for her, allegedly vowing to ‘end her’ if indeed he discovered she was cheating. When he spotted her coming out of the bush with another man, he allegedly grabbed a log and killed her on the spot.

The matter has been set for status update on 11th March.

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