Ndaba may return to parley as SEMP

Daniel Chida
POLITICALLY SPEAKING: Masisi expresses admiration for Gaolathe

Alliance for Progressives (AP) president, Ndaba Gaolathe, who lost his parliamentary seat in the just ended general elections may find himself back in Parliament as a Specially Elected Member of Parliament (SEMP).

Gaolathe lost the Bonnington South constituency to Botswana Democratic Party’s Christian Greef and, if what President elect, Mokgweetsi Masisi said at a press conference over the weekend is anything to go by, the soft spoken AP leader may well get a cabinet job in the next parliament.

Although he would not be dragged into confirming any plans to engage the AP leader as a SEMP, Masisi who has consistently expressed his admiration for Gaolathe was full of praise for the politician-turned economist.

“He is one of our own,” Masisi said and further told journalists that in the build-up to the general elections, they were speaking the same language with Gaolathe. “He also articulates issues well, he is smart and has a good heart. He is a true patriot, he means well and is a doer, so what’s wrong for I to express admiration for such qualities,” Masisi asked rhetorically.

He added that he does not see the need for AP’ s existence especially in view of the reasons it was formed.

AP, a breakaway political formation was the nucleus of Botswana Movement Democracy (BMD), a disgruntled splinter party that left the BDP after they fell out with the then President Ian Khama. ”The reasons for their formation just like BMD no longer exist,” Masisi said at the press conference.

He however, said that the election of SEMP can only be discussed by party leadership.  “I cannot say more than I have said now,” he said.

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