Mutizwa trial postponed

Portia Mlilo
AWAITING TRIAL: Michael Graduate Mutizwa

Extension II Magistrate court will set another trial date for suspected fraudster, Malaki Nkiwane because the presiding magistrate failed to turn up in court.

Nkiwane is facing three counts of personation, obtaining Botswana driving licence, work and resident permit fraudulently by posing as one Graduate Mutizwa, a Zimbabwean soldier.

Police investigations unmasked Nkiwane during his first arrest in September 2015 for illegal possession of a pistol, handcuffs, two-way military communication radios and a ceremonial uniform of the Zimbabwe National Army. He was later discharged and acquitted.

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Through the help of their Zimbabwean counterparts, Botswana Police Investigating Officers found out that while there is a soldier by the name of Michael Graduate Mutizwa in Zimbabwe, the fingerprints on his record did not match those of the one arrested in Botswana.

Previously, the court had heard that the 46-year-old man from Zimbabwe on or about the 14th of October 2014 fraudulently obtained a Botswana drivers’ licence under the name, Michael Graduate Mutizwa.

The Investigating Officer, Detective Senior Superintendent Sargent Marapo told court that his investigations revealed that the accused person obtained Botswana residence permits by false pretense after giving false information to a public official.

He said the suspect was facing another charge for fraudulent acquisition of a marriage certificate, when he married his Motswana wife, Cathrine Mutizwa.

Mutizwa is currently on bail pending an appeal of a 7- year prison sentence for allegedly grievously assaulting his wife.

According to the doctor’s report Cathrine sustained a laceration on the lower lip and fracture on the lower gum.

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In 2018, Molepolole Magistrate Michael Itumeleng found Nkiwane also known locally as Mutizwa guilty and sentenced him to seven years in jail.

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