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More dark evidence in Kopong murder

Tshepo Kehimile
BAIL DENIED: Murder suspects

Sordid details of sexual assault before her gruesome murder, entered court records last week as new evidence in Barulaganye Aston’s painful last moments, as the case against the Kopong teacher’s suspected killers resumed before a Broadhurst Magistrates court.

The subsequent smuggling of cellphones inside the suspects’ prison cells, further summed up the court’s reasons to deny them bail.

The packed court room reacted with mummers of approval as the state opposed the bail application on grounds of the traumatic ordeal that Aston’s 6-year-old daughter had to endure at the harrowing sight, as her mother breathed her last.

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Much to the angst of the incensed crowd in the court gallery, state prosecutor, Seeletso Ookeditse, availed a forensic report which confirmed that the deceased was sexually abused before she was murdered.

“We have finally accessed the forensic report and it suggests that the deceased was sexually abused hence that means that all these horrifying ordeals took place in front of a six year-old who is one of the state witness. I plead with the court to consider that and give us time until we record the statement as the child is still traumatized by this experience,” she said.

The dejected Outwile Aston (48) and Leufty Gaolemogwe Kosie (47) were escorted back to jail amid disappointment and hostile public glares, with any hopes of celebrating the Independence holiday outside prison, shattered.

The two together with Oageng Moagi Letsholo, 46, who is already serving a 10-year-jail-term and traditional doctor Kebaleboge Ntsebe, 42, who is out on bail are expected back in court on October 10th.

More dark evidence in Kopong murder
TO JAIL: Murder suspects

The quartet are accused of killing Barulaganye Aston, a Kopong teacher who was butchered, and her body parts allegedly harvested on the 14th of July 2022.

When denying them bail, Magistrate Jobbie Moilatshimo observed that the ruling was guided by two principles being; the presumption of innocence until proven guilty and the likelihood of the second accused (Kosie) absconding trial.

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“Moreover, the state opposed the bail application as they cited that the investigations are still ongoing hence it is believed that he (Kosie) will likely interfere with the investigations as he is alleged to have broken the prison rules and used a phone to contact the outside world. He is further accused of interfering with a state witness who was not mentioned as a precaution, thus he is not a candidate for bail as he may interfere with the same witness,” she said.

Magistrate Moilatshimo further said; “It was submitted how the 3rd accused (Aston) was arrested during his wife’s funeral and subjected to gruesome torture by Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) agents with regards to the matter, hence was forced to admit to something he did not know about.

In addition, it was submitted that since his wife has passed on, he has become the sole provider of his children hence he cannot interfere with the investigations.

However, it is alleged that the phone was retrieved from the 3rd accused. Nevertheless, bail is opposed on similar grounds as it was submitted that the alibi that the 3rd mentioned will prove his involvement in the matter,” she said.

The case continues.

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