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Men’s talk

Daniel Chida
MEN OPEN DIALOGUE: Morwaeng, Ramoruswana, Kgari & Malviya

Minister Morwaeng brings men under one roof for open dialogue.

Molepolole South Constituency recently hosted a groundbreaking Men’s Conference, organized by Member of Parliament Kabo Morwaeng.

Themed “Zero Male Suicide,” The conference served as a platform for open dialogue, education, and exploration of strategies to combat suicide, gender based violence, rape in order to create a safer and more respectful society.

Men's talk

Experts from prestigious organisations such as the National AIDS and Health Promotion Agency (NAHP), UNAIDS, the Botswana Defense Force (BDF), the police, Botho University, CEDA, and Diagnofirm came together to share their knowledge and insights with attendees.

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During the event, Kgosikgolo for Bakwena Kgosi Kgari III expressed his gratitude to the organizers for bringing men together to discuss issues affecting them.

“Welcome to an event like no other, where men come together to discuss and address the pressing issues that affect them. I am proud to be part of this event that brings you this groundbreaking initiative that aims to nurture men and empower them to become agents of change in society. Kgari who was accompanied by some tribal leaders from his community also highlighted the rarity of men openly sharing their problems and seeking advice from one another.”

“This event serves as a platform for men to break free from societal expectations and engage in meaningful conversations about important topics.”

Men's talk

However, the Minister of State President said that one of the key objectives of the event was to raise awareness about the alarming rate of rape cases in Botswana.

Morwaeng emphasized the urgent need to end this epidemic and promote respectful behavior towards women.

Men's talk
MOTIVATED: Attendees screening for health disorders

“It is a troubling fact that Botswana has been leading in rape cases, and immediate action is required to address this issue. We believe that by involving stakeholders from different sectors, we can demonstrate a collaborative approach in addressing this serious issue. Together, we can make a difference and create a safer environment for all,” said Morwaeng.

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With influential figures such as Vee Mampeezy and Kaone Ramontshonyana, leading discussions, the event aimed to raise awareness and engage men in finding solutions to this pressing issue.

Men's talk
THANKFUL: Vee Mampeezy

The importance of collective responsibility was emphasized by the speakers, who urged men to actively contribute to the solution.

“It is our responsibility to change the narrative and create a safe and respectful society for all.” said Ramontshonyana.

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