Mechanic breaks down in court

Christinah Motlhabane
IN THE HOT SEAT: Linda cuts a lonely figure in court

Accused of assaulting nine-year-old ‘vandal’

A 46-year-old Zimbabwean mechanic broke down in court this week after he was jailed for a year for being in Botswana illegally.

Tally Linda attracted the eyes of the law last Wednesday, allegedly beating a nine-year-old boy for throwing a stone through the windscreen of a car he was working on at Francistown’s Newstance location.

According to a source close to the case, Linda disciplined the child, a Satellite Primary School pupil, whacking the wayward youth on the back with a stick.

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The lad sustained some bruises and swelling, reporting the matter to his parents when he got home.

“They got infuriated, feeling the beating was too much and lodged a complaint with the police,” revealed the source.

Charged with cruel punishment of a child, the mechanic’s troubles doubled when it emerged he had been living in the country without the proper papers for 20 years.

Begging for clemency, Linda told the Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday that, for those two decades, he had worked hard and kept his nose clean.

“I long came to Botswana in 2004 and have been abiding by the country’s laws. I have never committed an offence in my life. I pray for forgiveness since it is my first time clashing with the law,” he said.

“The other thing, where I am working, I have not told the owner that I was arrested and I left the customers’ cars there and they do not know what is happening,” added Linda.

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It was not enough to save him from the slammer, court hitting the unfortunate mechanic with 12 months imprisonment.

For the other offence, the Magistrate rescheduled for 19th March so a social worker can be availed since the matter involves a minor.

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