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Daniel Chida

Karabo Gomotsegang wins BDPYL presidency

Botswana Democratic Party’s Young League held its congress over the weekend in Rakops where Karabo Gomotsegang emerged victorious to become the Chairman.

Although prior to the congress there were reports of leadership interference, the congress was dominated by issues rape.

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The Voice Staffer, DANIEL CHIDA spoke to the young leader who sometime in 2009 left the BDP for Botswana Movement for Democracy where he served as National Organizing Secretary from 2011 to 2015.

He later re-rejoined the BDP in 2016 as an ordinary member until he decided to try his luck for the highest position within youth structures.

Congratulations on your win how do you feel after what you went through?

Above everything, it is a humbling experience because I was up against a very strong political opponent and won by a margin of ten votes.

It was tightly contested and I am grateful for the confidence the voters have shown in me.

Many times our judgment is clouded by the inability to set aside our differences; whatever they may be.

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It is imperative to always work towards achieving a goal together as a team than failing to bring results just because of differences.

Talking of differences, your congress was marred by issues of rape, tell us what really happened

Those are serious allegations that have been made regarding certain members of the party over the weekend.

It is sad to hear of such news on International Women’s Day but as a party we take them very seriously and have asked the police to do all they can to get to the bottom of it.

We will also institute our own investigations as a party once the police investigations have been concluded and the courts have decided on the matter.

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Currently I am not at liberty to discuss it until further notice.

What is your advice to fellow BDP cadres?

We must stay united with one goal of growing the party, petty issues and backstabbing will not take us far.

So one of my missions will be to unite the youth and help them to be active.

We need active youth in all our structures. If we can follow our dream, we can be anything we wish to be and in fact take this country to greater heights.

What is your road map?

My roadmap does not in any way differ from that of our president; advancing together for transformation through, Therisanyo and social inclusivity but our youth must be seen and be heard.

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We must advocate for the success of young people in this country. The levels of unemployment are too high but we trust the President and the BDP led government to turn this around.

We want young people to be at the forefront to benefit from government programmes and certain tenders to be reserved for youth owned companies.

As a youth leader, what do you have for young people?

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I wouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch, I can only focus on what I am given now moving forward.

I will be meeting with my committee to pave a way forward. That is when you will hear a lot more from us as a team not as an individual.

Thank you.

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