Masisi under fire over ‘the return of SOPE’ threats

Daniel Chida

“If the cases go up, then Haak moteng”- Masisi

President Mokgweetsi Masisi has come under fire from Opposition Parties following his utterances during a consultative meeting in Selebi Phikwe this week.

When addressing the meeting Masisi intimated that he would take the country back into the State of Public Emergency (SOPE) if Covid cases go up again like before.

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The president told the Selibe Phikwe gathering that recently in Gaborone there was a music festival, which attracted a crowd that flouted covid-19 protocols.

“We cannot allow people who are adhering to Covid 19 protocols to die because of reckless people. If the cases go up, then Haak moteng.”

This statement has been interpreted by some as a threat of another State of Public Emergency.


Umbrella for Democratic Change’s Head of Communications, Moeti Mohwasa said that it is clear that Masisi enjoys curtailing freedoms and civil liberties. Mohwasa said that Masisi was SOPE trigger happy.

“Understandably so as his name has not fared well regarding corruption allegations during the recent SOPE. You cannot joke about a matter like this. Irresponsible behaviour and non adherence to Covid 19 protocols is not acceptable neither are Masisi’s threats,” said Mohwasa adding that the President seems to enjoy centralising power under SOPE.

“What the regime should do is assist the nation to carry on with their activities without tempering with their freedoms. The biggest threat to this country has been delayed delivery of vaccines by government to such a small population.”

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He said that many lives have been lost due to incompetence, inefficiency and maladministration.

NOT AMUSED: Ookeditse

The “SOPE” or” haak moteng,” that we need is the resignation of Masisi over his failures and not limitation of civil liberties.” Mohwasa said.

Botswana Patriotic Front Spokesperson, Lawrence Ookeditse also concurred with Mohwasa’s sentiments saying Masisi was being reckless as usual.

“For starters, it is rather unfortunate; a whole President shames a 24- year- old girl. It’s shameful. Wasn’t he in Tanzania at a funeral with lots of people speaking without a mask? He needs to act like a president and stop being excitable. Yes, people ought to be careful and wear masks among other things but he allowed that people can go to festivals. What did he expect? Even if numbers went up, a state of emergency was never a solution and will not be a solution.”

Ookeditse further said that Masisi should be speaking about how he is strengthening the health care system while the wave is at a lower point.

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