Maney Ubuntu goes solo

Leungo Mokgwathi
Maney releases Gata Le Nna single

Former Ubuntu Band member, Maney has released his first single since leaving the group last December, officiating his debut as a solo artist.

Gata le nna, which features Tony OG was dropped this past weekend and chalked up almost 2000 views within 24 hours of its release.

Maney broke the news of the separation mid December on his Facebook page in a matter of fact post that read, “Am no longer a part of Ubuntu band.” Responding to devastated fans, Maney went on to discreetly hint that he was betrayed by his former band members, alleging that the two made side deals which they excluded him from.

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“It is painful to imagine that while I was at home broke, they were busy making money.”

“Going live later and explaining how I got betrayed. Seems like they did not want me to know we were making money,” read a caption to what was apparently a leaked screenshot of a conversation between his two band brothers who were agitated that he found out about a deal they had scored on the side.

Despite the breakup, Maney still retains the Ubuntu subscription for his Facebook page. Once more taking to social media which seems to be his ranting ground, the hitmaker expressed that he feels entitled to the name and fame attached to it because he was part of it from the beginning.

The remaining Ubuntu band member, Thami and Garvin have not commented on the matter but continue to make bookings without their third counterpart, indeed substantiating their disbanding.

Maney Ubuntu goes solo
SPLIT: Money exits Ubuntu Band

The trio was undoubtedly one of the promising upcoming artists, having recorded hit songs with William Last, Malome Vector and who can forget the song that made girls drool, Ngwana Msetsana! Their split was definitely a blow, especially to their fans. Nonetheless, we hope that they continue to thrive, even if they do so separately.

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