Man steals ambulance in Gweta

Kabelo Dipholo
INVESTIGATING: Superintendent Mafa

*Thief and vehicle yet to be recovered

Gweta Police are on the hunt for an unknown man who attacked and injured an ambulance driver at Gweta Primary Hospital last Wednesday night.

The assailant then sped off with the essential Landcruiser, procured for the health centre last year.

A week later and neither the thief nor the missing ambulance have been found.

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According to Gweta Station Commander, Godfrey Mafa, the female ambulance driver had just dropped off her colleagues. She had parked up and was walking back to the office when the late-night attacker pounced, beating her up and snatching the car keys.

“It happened around 11pm. The vehicle was on the parking lot, right next to the Transport Courtyard,” explained the
Superintendent, adding the lone attacker spoke fluent Setswana.

In a brief interview with The Voice on Wednesday, Mafa admitted his officers were yet to crack the case but stressed they were working on it.

Meanwhile, a hospital employee, speaking on condition of anonymity, said it appears the ‘well-planned’ carjacking was carried out by someone with detailed knowledge of the driver’s rota.

“People are talking in the hospital. Some people believe this was an inside job. Who can steal a government Landcruiser clearly marked BX and disappear into thin air?” asked the concerned employee.

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“That was a relatively new vehicle bought last year. It was well known in the area. Where was security when all this happened? Something doesn’t add up!” the source insisted.

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