Mad, Bad and Dangerous

Angry businessman arrested for assaulting a cop, firing gun shots

A well-known businessman in Khwai area has landed in serious trouble with the law after he allegedly went on rampage in Mababe settlement attacking a female officer, firing a gun in a public place before he escaped with a safari vehicle and caused road accident.

The 32-year-old man, Paul Motlhagodi has since been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, theft of motor vehicle and recklessly driving a motor vehicle and causing an accident.

Apparently Motlhagodi lost his temper on the night of August 24 after his car broke down in Mababe on the sandy road from Khwai.

“He called the wife for assistance so she asked a female police officer who is a tenant in their rented house to accompany her,” a relative explained.

The duo, 31-year-old wife and 43-year-old officer alongside two men drove to Mababe to assist Motlhagodi.

By the time his rescuers arrived Motlhagodi was allegedly seething with anger.

“He was angry with the wife and started shouting at her and demanded to know what took her so long,” a relative explained.

The officer who was off duty on that day is said to have attracted Motlhagodi’s wrath by trying to calm him down.

“He turned on the cop instead, pulling her hair off her scalp and choking her. He was like a wounded animal, he almost killed her! It took the strength of two men to break the woman free,” said the shocked relative.

The source further alleged that when Motlhagodi realised the men had overpowered him, he retrieved a gun from his broken down car and fired randomly, narrowly missing the fleeing women with a bullet.

People are said to have gathered at the scene due to the commotion but then fled as Motlhagodi continued shooting, causing Rhino Conservation driver who had also come to see what was happening to run away leaving the car keys in the ignition.

“Motlhagodi then jumped into the Rhino Conservation and sped towards Khwai direction but lost control at a sharp turn and caused the vehicle to over turn,” the source further explained.

Maun police station commander, Chenamo Orateng said the man was arrested on the late morning of August 25th for questioning and has since been charged with three counts including assault occasioning bodily harm, theft of motor vehicle and causing a road accident.

“The vehicle overturned somewhere near Khwai where he abandoned it and walked to his house to sleep,” Orateng explained.

Although he was reportedly reeking of alcohol at the time of the incident, the police couldn’t confirm the allegations because he was arrested around 10am the following morning.

With regard to the shooting, the police maintain the man did not aim at anyone in particular as he fired randomly towards the direction of the people.
“Additional charges may be added to the list at the conclusion of the investigations,” Orateng said.

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