Love affair’s sour ending

Gofaone Koogotsitse


A two-year love affair between a pensioner and a 49-year-old woman was meant to end in marriage.

Instead, it ended up before Molepolole Customary Court earlier this year after Ester Gobe became suspicious that her 71-year-old boyfriend was cheating on her.

Furious, she dumped him and warned the old man never to visit her again.

In turn, claiming to have spent a small fortune on Gobe during their relationship, Thona Koloka then dragged his former lover to court, demanding she split her properties with him.

The case was initially brought before Kgosi Patricia Sechele on 31 March but was postponed due to the national lockdown that followed soon after.

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The matter finally resumed on 28 July with judgment passed last week.

It was heard that the one-time lovebirds had been planning on getting married. However, dreams of a wedding turned to dust when Gobe convinced herself that Koloka was being unfaithful.

The scorned Chadibe Ward native said she started to suspect her aging lothario was two-timing her when he claimed to be attending the funeral of one Mma Patrick.


“I spend most of the time at the lands. That day when I called Koloka to inform him that I have arrived from the lands, he told me he was still at the funeral. I was surprised because he had already been there for quite some time. I asked him if Mma Patrick is the one he told me is his sister and he dropped the phone. He had only told me about his children,” said Gobe, adding she suspects that ‘Mma Patrick’ might have been her boyfriend’s lover or even his wife.

For his part, Koloka told the fully packed court that he spoilt Gobe during their time together and sometimes gave her money in the presence of her father.

“She did not struggle for anything. I was buying her food, giving her money and even built a house at the lands and assisted her to build another house in Lekgwapheng. I also bought some goats for her which she later claimed they belong to her child. I bought her a bed and always paid for her Motshelo contributions,” declared the irate elder.

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“Ke simololotse go ratana le wena o sena le fa ele sepe, o sena bolao le fa e le koko, (I got in relationship with you having nothing, not even a bed or a chicken!)” continued Koloka, directing his statement at a startled Gobe, much to the amusement of the gallery.

Although Koloka presented a receipt that he claimed proved he indeed assisted his ex-girlfriend in buying building materials, Gobe maintained she never received such goods.

She also denied ever being given money by Koloka, claiming he told her he could not do such as it would upset his children.

Gobe further told court that Koloka had promised to assist her with building a house only to backtrack on his promise.

Painting a picture of a rocky relationship, Gobe complained she had never been introduced to any of Koloka’s relatives.

“I once raised the issue with him and asked him what should happen if he were to die at my place, who would I report to? But he just shouted at me and accused me of always thinking of death!” said Gobe.

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In the end, Kgosi Sechele ruled that the plot in Lekgwapheng be auctioned and the duo share the proceeds.

For both Gobe and Koloka, it is a pale payoff compared to the happy ending they once dreamed of!

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