Lesotho Prime Minister to resign

Portia Mlilo
TALKING HEADS: Masisi and Radebe

South African President Cyri Ramaphosa’s Special Envoy on Lesotho, Jeff Radebe, says SADC remains hopeful that Lesotho’s Prime Minister, Thomas Thabane, will resign.

Radebe this morning paid a visit to Botswana to brief President Masisi in his capacity as the incoming Chair of the Organ of Politics, Defence and Security of SADC, about the situation in Lesotho.

The 80-year-old Prime Minister is facing charges for the murder of his wife, Lilopelo Thabane.

In a short briefing with the media Radebe said they are hopeful that the situation in Lesotho will be concluded as soon as possible.

He said they are hopeful Tabane will resign as the Prime Minister of Lesotho as promised in February.

“The process right now is at the signage level and the nation assembly of Lesotho is to amend the constitution and effect the resignation of Thabane. We hope in the next few days the process will be concluded to ensure the smooth and peaceful transition to the new Prime Minister. Last week the situation was a bit tense with deployment of troops on the streets of Maseru Lesotho but they are now back in the barracks. We are hopeful that people will of Lesotho will once again enjoy peace,” said Radebe.

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