King Villa gives us ‘Bianca’

Grooving in the Ghetto

Botlhe Mias Mojiwa, popularly known as King Villa, has released a song titled, ‘Bianca’.

The 22-year-old from Molapowabojang told GiG that growing up in Francistown helped him kick-start his music journey at a young age.

He started practicing on his own, composing when he was still in Junior School.

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It was in 2017 when his music took off following the release of his hit single, ‘Thapi mo Metsing’.

King Villa says he was inspired by South Africa’s late Motswako pioneer, Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP).

“Listening to HHP’s music, my fascination with Tswana rap grew,” he explains, adding his latest release is about a girl who is always there for her man, come rain or shine.

“Bianca is a feel-good song about a girl who rocks my world and is down with me every step of my hustle.”

He plans to drop an album in late August titled ‘Behind Bars’ which will feature the likes of Motlha, Linxstar, Yb Picasso, and Rockafella.

RATING: 7/10

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