‘It wasn’t me, I was possessed!’

Christinah Motlhabane
SHIFTING THE BLAME: Ndebele (floral) and Chuma

“I am asking for forgiveness my worship. I woke up early that day and a demon possessed me to snatch a cellphone. I wanted money to go back to Zimbabwe to see my father,” stuttered Prince Ndebele, an explanation that caused smirks, raised eyebrows and titters of laughter in Francistown Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The 24-year-old and his homeboy, Solwa Ndodana Chuma, 26, are accused of stealing a cellphone in Gerald Estates on the morning of Saturday 8 April.

They allegedly snatched a Huawei Y5, valued at P1, 900, out of the hands of a startled, Gokatweng Thabo Thatayaone.

Hauled before court in bright, eye-catching tops, both men claimed they acted in desperation as they needed funds to return to Zim.

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Promising never to break the law again, Chuma maintained it was not his intention to steal.

However, the duo, who were also charged with being in Botswana illegally, will have to wait at least a month before setting foot in their homeland again.

Although Ndebele and Chuma readily confessed to the theft, their plea was reserved and they were remanded behind bars until their next court appearance, set for 18 May, while police continue their investigations.

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