‘It was God’s will!’

PROPHET: Thato Elias


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After almost every single Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) candidate, anointed and prayed for by Maun’s famous prophet, Thato Elias lost the general elections in Maun East, ‘the man of God’ has labelled the outcome ‘God’s will’.

“I pray for people, but the will of God surpasses the wishes of men,” Elias commented when contacted this week.

The leader of Saving Grace Church, which operates under Gates of Heaven Networks, was reluctant to discuss the issue in any great detail.

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“Look, I pray for many people, not only politicians but anyone who ask for prayers. But I am not God; it is God who gives grace and salvation!” he reiterated.

In the build up to last month’s general elections, several BDP members and candidates frequented Elias’ church.

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Some, especially candidates, reportedly gave out ‘good offerings,’ in the hope that the Almighty would in turn favour them.

One of the church members, Kostantino Markus, a former Assistant Minister of Agriculture and Food resources is said to have at some point received prophesy from the church that he would win by a big margin.

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Markus was looking to retain his Maun East parliamentary seat but lost out to Umbrella for Democratic Change’s (UDC) Goretetse Kekgonegile by 7, 739 votes to 7, 112.

“I was not at the church when the prophecy was done, but I am led to believe that Markus was told he would win with an impressively big margin,” revealed former councillor for Maun South ward, Nico Folae.

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According to Folae, who himself lost out to the UDC, the whole constituency is still in shock and is unable to understand how the opposition defeated them.

ANOINTING: Elias covering BDP caps with prayer

“No one is able to explain the loss. We are all at a loss!”

Folae refused to apportion any blame to Elias, saying instead, “Truth be told, the man of God worked hard. He did all he could, but at the end of it all we have to acknowledge that everything happens at God’s time, at his will.”

Of the 11 wards in Maun East, BDP won three. Many had been confident of victory, reportedly deriving much of their confidence from Elias’ ‘Markus prophesy’.

During Markus’ launch, Elias was present and put a BDP cap on each candidate, prompting BDP Secretary General, Mpho Balopi to suggest this would rub off on the councillors as a good luck charm for elections.

It was at the same platform that Elias implored Maun East constituents to demonstrate their fear of God by voting for Markus.

“The book of Proverbs says respect the king but fear the Lord your God. I am saying to you, demonstrate your fear of God by voting for Markus,” he had said.

For his part, Markus could only say, “You are asking me difficult questions, please ask the prophet! But in all fairness you all know I have accepted defeat and gave my blessings to the new Member of Parliament. God favoured him, the people made their choice so let it be so!”

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