‘It was a love gift, not a loan!’

Francinah Baaitse
DEFIANT: Molebatsi maintains the money was a gift from a lover

Debtor’s defence shocks married woman

A married woman’s attempts to get her money back took an unexpected turn before Maun Customary Court this week.

Keodiretse Makgana received the shock of her life on Tuesday when the man she accused of owing her P1 100 hit back with counter claims of his own, insisting the cash was given to him as a gift when they were lovers.

“When she gave me P1 000, we were in a love relationship. She gave it to me as a gift but, after discovering that she was married, I ended the relationship; that is when she started demanding that I pay her back,” Julius Molebatsi defiantly told the traditional court, his defence causing the stunned complainant to gasp out loud in surprise.

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Describing herself as happily married, she denied having an affair, dismissing such talk as nonsense and a figment of Molebatsi’s wild imagination.

Court heard that Makgana, who was part of a local motshelo group, had previously lent the accused P500, which he was expected to pay back with interest.

However, the 41-year-old Molebatsi, who runs a small transport company, MashJu Investment, only repaid P400, promising to clear the balance at a later date.

He is then said to have hit Makgana up for another loan, this time requesting P1 000 to buy a tyre for his bus.

Although he was duly given the one grand, the suspect says he has no intention of repaying the cash as it was given to him as a ‘pecho’ (gift).

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“By then, we were lovers and we used to help each other. I used to give her some money as well because I was in the transport business and operated a bus. She was in love with the director of a bus company and we were one item,” maintained the Thito ward resident, adding both his and Makgana’s friends could attest to their affair.

SHOCKED: Makgana wants her motshelo money back

“After realising that she was married, I stopped seeing her. I told her I could not be in a love relationship with a married woman and she started demanding that I repay the P1 000, which I refused to give to her. Even today, I still refuse to do so!”

“She has threatened that she wants my bus to be sold, so let her sell it because that is what she wants, she wants me to lose the bus!” he declared.

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Calling Molebatsi to order, Kgosi Leretetse Mogalakwe pointed out that all the claimant wanted from him was her money back.

Determined not to back down, the aggrieved accused agreed to reimburse the money but on his own terms.

“I am currently unemployed. My bus has not been operating for the past six months; therefore I can only pay little amounts at a time, I won’t be able to settle the lump sum at once.”

Looking pleased with himself, Molebatsi was in for a shock of his own, with Kgosi Mogalakwe giving him two months to pay the debt.

“If he fails, then his property will be seized and sold at auction to raise the said amount,” ruled the chief, adding the defendant can appeal the decision within 30 days if he so desires.

Sticking to his guns, Molebatsi responded, “I am just going to wait until the two months lapse. Let her come and sell the bus, if indeed she can!”

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