Inside the House of fame with Sharon Mathala

Sharon Mathala

– Ghabadiya is the House favorite

– Who will walk away with the money bag?

In their fourth week, the housemates were this week tasked with individually voting for who they each think will emerge the winner of the first season of the House Of Fame reality show.

Down to eight contestants after the exit of Mr. Pudding last week citing personal reasons, the contestants have voted for their candidate of choice to win the P100 000 prize money.

Here is what they said;

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Daddy Vic: Lebo, She is very calm, given the circumstances. We don’t have access to the outside world but she has been able to stay emotionally centred.

Lebo: I would say Ghabadiya, she has shown more interest and projects he wants to pursue after the show. Other housemates don’t have that thing.

Tummie Bear: Because of girl code. Lebo would be the first choice. I would like to see her bag the 100 K since she has been a great friend to me in the house.

Kemmy: Ghabadiya to me he is like younger brother. He is there for me to be honest. He told me that Mr Pudding asked him to take care of me when he left. I break down a lot in this house and he always has my back. If I don’t win this he has to win it.

Mis Pru: I would say Phillimon because of the stories he has told me about him. The betrayal he went through because of family, he deserves the money.

Phillimon: Kemmy , she has got a heart. I feel Kemmy has a good heart. It has to be her.

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Ghabadiya: It has to be Kemmy. She came here as someone fighting demons and I am happy to see that she has defeated them. She is not fake , she is real. She has assured me that whatever happens she has my back.

Adiva: I think I would love to see Ghabadiya. He is eager to learn and he is quite a teachable person and most importantly he makes an amazing entertainer.

Meanwhile the first eviction show is scheduled for the coming Tuesday.

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