Inside the House of fame with Sharon Mathala

Sharon Mathala
DEPARTED: Mr. Pudding

I quit- Mr. Pudding bites the dust

It was a display of raw emotions this week as one of the housemates threw in the towel and voluntarily exited The House of Fame.

To my surprise, probably like all other followers of the reality show, the first housemate to feel the heat and leave without the P100 00 prize money is Mr Pudding.

Who would have thought, definitely not me!

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From day one Mpho Major, AKA Mr Pudding looked like the guy who was in it to win it, but alas , he has left the house.

Because of technical issues we did not get to see the build up to Mr Pudding’s breakdown but when he left the house early this week he explained to his housemates that he was going through stuff and was likely to suffer a meltdown had he stayed in the house any longer.

“I have not dealt with issues from my past and they had come back to haunt me, I was not coping,” he said.

In a sob exit speech, Mr pudding told his mates who couldn’t contain their tears that he was not only a danger to himself but to the other housemates as well.

“I am leaving because I am not feeling well enough to be in the house. I am struggling with my own problems. I had a dream and I feel like it is too much to handle. It is messing with my head. I can’t do this anymore. Honestly for the past two days I have been trying to see if I can make it to the end but it was not working,” he said.

Although he did not mention the name of the person he dreamt about, the housemate explained that this character in his dreams was about to attack him.

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He refers to this person as a male figure in his life whom he needs to forgive to avoid losing a lot of opportunities in life because of past trauma.

Mr Pudding however will do this healing outside the house.

The 29-year -old Borolong native further said; “I honestly tried to keep it together but I failed. I can’t be in the house when I know I am a danger to all of you. I don’t know how I would react next time something happens. I appreciate all of you and the time we spent together.”

Before left, Mr Pudding almost had a run in with another male housemate and ended up apologising.

“I am not a jerk, I couldn’t leave without apologizing. I am sorry,”he said and got a solidarity hug from housemate, Tumo Adiva Maokisa. Mr pudding will d

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