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IEC admit using wrong stationery for signatures

Daniel Chida
FILE PIC: Voters during the general election

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) spokesperson, Osupile Maroba, has issued a plea to the public to cooperate in rectifying a mistake made by his office, particularly in the Nkange constituency.

It has been reported that a significant number of people who registered for voting on the first day used a pencil instead of a pen to sign their names.

The mistake was later identified by the IEC after the majority of voters had already left the registration venue.

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Despite efforts to call back those affected, some individuals, speaking anonymously, stated that it was impractical for them to return at their personal expense.

“They have to transport us back because it was their mistake, and again, we are broke,” expressed two individuals from Nkange.

When approached for comment, Maroba acknowledged the mistake and urged those affected to return and rectify the error.

“We appreciate that it comes at a cost, but the organization is not in a position to refund them. We can accept the mistake, but we have to be working for a perfect product, which is the voters’ roll, and we want everyone to be satisfied,” he explained.

In response to what actions would be taken if a majority of the affected individuals refuse to return as requested, Maroba stated that there was little the IEC could do.

“Where it is signed by a pencil, there could be some legal implications if the person challenges the registration,” he added.

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