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Hello Ditsala!

Boitumelo Maswabi
TRAVEL INFLUENCER: Oabona Bonnie Kamona

Tasty titbits with HereroRocher

According to ‘’ statistics, there are over 50,000 active ‘TikTokers’ in Botswana, mostly between the ages 18 and 34, with females (51.3 percent) the slight majority.

Putting the popular platform to good use is former Miss Botswana 2016 First Princess, the gorgeous and graceful, Oabona Bonnie Kamona, otherwise known as HereroRocher (not to be confused with the popular chocolate treat, Ferrero Rocher – although there is a connection, as we’ll soon find out!).

A Brand Strategist-cum-Investment Consultant, the accomplished workaholic shares her travels, cooking and investment advice to over 28,000 followers across TikTok, Insta and Facebook.

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Famed for her signature greeting, ‘Hello Ditsala’, Voice Woman caught up with the globetrotter for a light-hearted chat…

Let’s get right into it; what inspired the name ‘HereroRocher’? …and do share a bit of your history.

Well, I love a funny pun, so the play on words for a chocolate-toned Herero girl was too easy to let go of. History-wise, I left Botswana for high school and only returned when completing my Master’s (MBA in Econometrics) to enter Miss Botswana solely for the prize money to start my social entrepreneurial venture (laughing).

I’ve always believed I can make money while making an impact instead of waiting to amass and then donating, so that platform helped my finances significantly.

I started professional work as a brand strategist, which has helped guide how I approach influencer work. However, I believe being authentically me and sharing it honestly and openly has helped me amass the 14k following on TikTok and 12k on Instagram.

Professionally, I’m a finance girl passionate about wealth creation, wealth management and wealth distribution – I love that my job allows me to do so while inspiring and advising others to do the same.

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Fill us in on your journey to becoming the travel influencer, food vlogger, content creator that you are.

To be honest, I’m just as shocked as you that my following has grown as much as it has.

Even walking into Spar and hearing, ‘Hello Ditsala’, shocks me every time.

I quite literally just post my life as it is and I love that people resonate with it.

I love to travel, I love to eat and I love to dress up – having the country’s best photographer and content creator as a best friend helps a lot too, haha!

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How do you fund your travels?

I work non-stop.

I have a full-time job, a business, and a million side hustles: MC’ing, writing, doing voice overs or whatever else because I love nice things.

But, in all seriousness, we all have different priorities; I definitely prioritise quality experiences so I spend on them with no qualms.

I also fervently believe money will always come back, I live with an abundance mindset and I am extremely generous – in turn, life has mirrored it back.

In 2021, at the height of the pandemic, you founded ‘Passport To’ – what challenges have you faced and what have been your highlights?

Passport To, being an experiences agency in a very price-conscious market, has been a challenge.

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My business partner, Uyapo, and I know that once you have gone on your first Passport To experience, you are sure to return, so we definitely rely greatly on referrals and return clients.

It is most certainly worth it.

Our most recent highlight is sending VISA competition winners to Mauritius.

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Having such a big brand trust us with such a momentous giveaway gave us that much-needed nudge to continue pursuing excellence in service, experience, and dedication.

Generally, Batswana find some of the best destinations locally unaffordable. Any tips for those travelling on a budget this season.

Tip number one: contact me. You will be amazed just how affordable an Okavango Delta, Khwai or even Linyanti safari experience is for locals with the rates we are able to negotiate as Passport To.

Tip number two: plan ahead.

Hello Ditsala!
FANTASTIC VIEWS: Kamona in the Delta

Rather miss out on a large, party filled December and travel in the first quarter of the year when rates are lower, places are less packed, and your pocket is a little more prepared.

Trust that the experience is always worth the sacrifice.

What adventures have you crossed off your bucket list?

I have travelled all my life.

My parents are really incredible and value cultural exchange so I have been to the Pyramids in Egypt, I have visited Disneyland Paris, I’ve seen Big Ben in London and I had been all over Southern Africa even before being a teen.

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I am immensely grateful.

Hello Ditsala!

I’m proud to have swum in the warm oceans in Mexico, prayed in cathedrals in Jerusalem, danced in the streets of Miami and reignited the will to grow in snowy city of dreams, New York.

In terms of travel, my life has really been a reverie.

Wow, I’m starting to feel jealous! As well as your hunger for travel you’re known for your love of food; what’s your favourite cuisine and what do you plan to cook for your family this Christmas?

I don’t have a favourite cuisine – I just really love food!

I’m very explorative in nature so I’m keen to taste almost everything and have learned to remake meals just based on flavours while trying out a new item at a restaurant.

My family can look forward to copious amounts of champagne, a fresh starter based on my mood that day and a very hearty plate filled with tastes from around the world.

I may just be lazy and order an exquisite 5 course meal from @raes.eats – follow my TikTok to see what I get up to!

Lastly, as an investment consultant, what financial advice do you have for our readers this festive season?

Please take time to prepare to start your own investment portfolio in January.

The P1, 000 per month you wish to put into a motshelo at the start of the year can be put into an interest-bearing investment instrument that will ensure that ‘Future You’ has a down payment for that car, that house, that trip or that qualification on your vision board.

More practically, please leave enough money for transport to work in January at least, bathing, le tlaa re golega!

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