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Hate and heart-felt sorrow

Christinah Motlhabane
IN PAIN, AND IN PRISON: Gabalatolwe is accused of murder

A middle-aged Tonota man is alleged to have stabbed his side-chick to death on Friday night after learning she was seeing someone else.

Although he was in a relationship with his baby mama, it seems Kebalathe Gabalatolwe, 55, could not bear the thought of sharing his mistress, 53-year-old Masekopo Gabathusane, with another man.

After catching them together at the lady’s home in Semotswane village, he reportedly butchered the unfortunate Gabathusane before turning the knife on her 59-year-old boyfriend.

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Gabalatolwe was arraigned before Francistown Magistrate Court on Monday where he was charged with murder and unlawful wounding.

Teary-eyed and shaking violently, the suspected killer told court that ever since the incident, he’s been experiencing problems with his heart.

“The shock I experienced caused me so much pain, so when I breathe it is painful. And my worship I plead that I be granted bail,” asked the accused.

Looking lost and frightened, Gabalatolwe revealed his wife was at home with his children and needed him.

However, confusing matters slightly, he also referred to the slain woman as his wife.

Either way, his attempts to be set free proved futile, with Magistrate Tshepo Magetse explaining it was too soon to entertain such thoughts.

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“The deceased family is still mourning and we have to give them enough chance to bury their daughter. We will talk about bail in a month or two. About the pains, I advise you to see the suitable people for counseling at prison,” he said, before remanding Gabalatolwe in custody until 15 August, when the accused next returns to court.

Meanwhile, the wounded man is said to be recuperating well at Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital.

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