Gruesome murder devastates chief’s family

Christinah Motlhabane
DEVASTATED: The deceased children and wife

Chief of Arbitration murdered in Maposa village

The old man who was brutally murdered by his nephew’s herdsman has been laid to rest in Maposa village amid scenes of anguish and palpable grief.

His devastated family, still struggling to come terms with the cold blooded murder of their elder, who was also a Chief of Arbitration at Mudala ward, described the old man as a good man who was always bubbly.

The 74-year-old Putsatse Borman Keaitse was allegedly murdered in broad day light by an irate herdsman, Talent Sibanda.

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Narrating the events of the fateful day, Keaitse’s nephew, and the alleged killer’s former employer, 60-year-old Shathani Bale, said, “I hired Talent to look after my cattle so he can be able to fend for his four children. He looked so innocent, like he was incapable of hurting a fly.

“I was therefore shocked to the core of what he did. Talent once complained to me that my uncle once told his girlfriend that he was cheating on her,” said Bale.

Gruesome murder devastates chief's family
SAD: Bale

Sharing the same sentiments was the murdered man’s other nephew, Florah Otsetswe Tholi, who also said the alleged killer had complained to her that her uncle was driving a wedge between him and his girlfriend by telling her that he was cheating.

“I then told him I would confront Keaitse. The same day when I was at home, I heard my uncle screaming from his yard and heard people saying they saw Talent heading to his yard armed with an axe and a spear.

“He killed him in cold blood. Hacked him with an axe four times on the head. It was very bad, blood gushing from his head,” said Florah.

Florah’s husband, Jenamiso Tholi, 69, said he is the one who rushed the old man to Nata clinic where he was certified dead.

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Gruesome murder devastates chief's family
DISAPPOINTED: Florah and her husband

“We lost a pillar of the family, a bubbly man who loved everyone. He was the eldest in the family and we treated him like our god. He had a good heart. We really lost a father,” said Jenamiso, holding back tears.”

The deceased’s daughter, 44-year-old Gobotsamang Borman, speaking between sobs said her father left a void in her that no one could fill.

She added that he loved all his children so much.

The chief left behind 7 children and his wife.

Nata Police Station Commander, Superintendent Bopelo Ntatiwa, confirmed they are still investigating the matter and that the alleged killer was arrested in Nata village the very same day of the incident.

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He was arraigned before court two weeks back and remanded in custody. He will be back in court April 19th.

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