Granny dies in smoke

ILLUSTRATION: toxic veldt fire smoke

A 70-year-old woman of Mawaneng settlement in the Shakawe area died last weekend after reportedly suffocating on smoke from a fire she had lit while working at her farm.

The elderly woman is said to have been clearing her field in preparation for the ploughing season when the unfortunate incident occurred.

According to Acting Station Commander for Shakawe Police, Ogolotse Tampa, in the process of clearing the field, the woman set fire to the dry grass.

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“Unfortunately the fire went out of control and while she was trying to put it off, she inhaled the smoke and collapsed,” Tampa explained.

Spotting her strife, the old lady’s grandchildren, the eldest aged 15, rushed to her aid and tried to resuscitate her.

“They tried waking her up, screaming her name and shaking her. When she remained motionless, the children ran back to the house where the old woman’s older children were and the police were called to the scene,” continued the top cop.

She was certified dead upon arrival at the hospital and the police say they do not suspect any foul play.

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