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MEDIATION: Matlho, Kgosi Ledimo, Nyepetsi

Hot klap sends man into deep hatred

An attempt to reconcile two men whose rivalry centres around “stolen girlfriends” hit a snag at Maun Customary Court on Monday morning as the duo made it clear that their hatred for each other is deeper than what kgosi Oleyo Ledimo had anticipated.

“I am still very angry. I even took time and went out of town thinking things would be better, but no, the hatred you said you had for me cannot be the same as what i feel towards you, I hate you even more,” said 42-year-old Letumile Matlho who had taken his tenant, 39-year-old Calvin Nyepetsi to court for humiliating him with a hot slap at a night club while he was chatting up a woman.
The shocked Matlho had reported the matter, which ended up in court, to the police.

Allegedly furious, Nyepetsi approached Matlho last week Wednesday while he was talking to a woman and shouted, “I told you to stay away from my people,” and followed that with a slap on Matlho’s face.

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Nyepetsi is said to have accused Matlho of going around spreading gossip about him (Nyepetsi) stealing Matlho’s girlfriends.

Nonetheless, Matlho dismissed the allegations of girlfriend-stealing as ‘baseless accusations fuelled by Nyepetsi’s hatred for him. Nyepetsi, on the other hand, could not prove the said allegations and was given six lashes on the bare buttocks as punishment for his violent behaviour.

“I am one person who is not aggressive and I believe if someone has done me wrong they have to find a way of apologising,” stated Matlho when Kgosi Ledimo attempted to reconcile the two after the court case.

What hurt him more, Matlho explained, was that Nyepetsi, who has said to his face, “I f#$ken hate you and will never ever like you in my life,” refuses to vacate the rented house at Borolong ward in Maun and therefore continues to stay in the same yard as Matlho.

“We don’t live in peace at all. Is it right for people who stay in the same yard to not talk to each other at all? No, he has to leave,” added Matlho.

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However, Nyepetsi stated that he signed a lease and therefore he was not going anywhere, “You stay there because of your sister so you cannot force me to vacate. You have no right to evict me and I am still going to stay in that house,” said Nyepedzi

Kgosi Ledimo initially thought this was a difference that could be easily managed, “You came here complaining about this man, whom you said had no pleasant words for you. We heard your case and the law took its cause, he was punished. I called you to say, ‘can’t you manage this difference,’ but I can see both of you are not ready for this.”

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