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Resignations rock Tsholetsa house amid internal audit

Sharon Mathala

Two senior members of Tsholetsa house; the regional manager and political assistant tendered their resignations last week amid serious tensions at the party headquarters.

The Voice has been informed that many more resignations are on the way as backbiting and backstabbing continue to rock the ruling party because of an ongoing internal audit.

Confirming the resignations was BDP’s communications chairman Kagalelo Kentse. Asked for reasons cited in the resignations letters, Kentse was hesitant to share.

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“The contents of the actual resignation letters are confidential, as you can imagine it is a contract between employer and employee, I can confirm however that we received two letters of resignation last week,”said Kentse.

The Voice can further reveal that, ‘the mighty red machine’ as BDP if affectionately called is currently undergoing an internal audit expected to expose expose the rot within the party and clean it up.

Sources within the party say heads are expected to roll after the audit as prominent and senior members of the party are allegedly implicated.

One of the top findings the audit is expected to unearth is allegations of cheating especially during primary elections, (‘Bulela Ditswe.”)

Commenting on this Kentse said, “All I can say is that it is true there is an internal audit process that is currently happening at the BDP and Tsholetsa House. We needed to reflect as a party, especially after the mass contestations after our Bulela Ditswe and later on the 2019 general elections. The audit is important because we need to clean up our house as we head to the 2024 elections.”

Kentse further admitted there has been a lot of challenges with Bulela Ditswe.

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“There was a lot of complaints about the primaries and therefore the audit seeks to identify what went wrong and establish how it ca be corrected. If there was cheating the audit will definitely reveal that. All of these will be answered after the audit report,” Kentse further emphasised.

“Do these resignations have anything to do with the audit? For now we can only guess,” Kentse said.

The audit report according to Kentse is expected to be completed before December 2021.

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