Ghetto under siege

Christinah Motlhabane
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4 murders in 11 days as White City the latest to turn red

In the last two weeks Ghetto’s peace has suffered a devastating bloody blow, with the second city recording four murders in the space of just 11 days.

The latest blood-spilling took place on Sunday night, with Antonio Basipo Moses allegedly battering his girlfriend, Lesego Atlarelang Bashi to death.

The 31-year-old had reportedly borrowed a car from a friend on the pretence that he was attending a breakdown in Tatisiding.

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He allegedly left with Bashi, a well known, popular figure in White City where she lived.

However, it seems something went terribly wrong along the 15km journey.

It is said he turned off the A1 just before Tatisiding, leaving the main road for a gravel exit. Moses is then accused of severely beating his girlfriend with a blunt object before loading her body back into the car and making the short return journey to Francistown.

He had apparently been intending to leave Bashi’s corpse at her White City home but, at around 4am on Monday morning, was disturbed by a tenant, woken when he heard his car alarm going off.

Investigating the noise, the tenant reportedly left the house to find Moses standing outside holding Bashi’s battered body.

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He asked for help taking it inside before the police were promptly called, arriving to find Moses still at the scene.

Appearing before Francistown Magistrates Court on Tuesday, the suspect wept uncontrollably as he was handed the charge sheet.

Unable to calm himself, taking deep, heavy breaths as he walked up to the dock, a sobbing Moses’ tears continued as the murder charge was read out.

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Given the chance to address court, it took all of Moses’ strength just to say he had nothing to say.

The murder-accused showed little emotion, however, when he was told his home for the next month will be a prison cell. Remanded in custody, he is next due back in court on 28 September.

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