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Free healthcare gift for remote village

Kabelo Dipholo
PACKED: Community members

Specialist doctors bring healing to Mogorosi village

A team of specialist medical doctors descended on the small village of Mogorosi located 20km west of Serowe this past Saturday.

Seven specialists invaded the village to render their services to the community for free, and a total of 201 patients were attended to.

The organiser Yolanda Hutton, an entrepreneur based in the village said the medical outreach was meant to take services to people in a remote area, where such specialised healthcare is non-existent.

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“I usually celebrate my birthday in Gaborone with friends, but this time around I told my friends that a medical outreach event in Mogorosi would be the biggest present they’d have ever given me,” she said.

Free healthcare gift for remote village
CONSULTATION: A doctor attending a patient

Some of the doctors who rendered their services are Dr. Usmail (ENT Specialist), Dr. Elizabeth Lopez (Family Physician), Dr. Miguel Cala (Pediatrician), Dr. Gilbreto Reyes (Family Physician), Dr. German Castillo (Plastic Surgeon), Dr. Denis Estrada (Dermatologist) and Dr. Luis Armado Rodriguez (Maxillofacial Surgeon.

“These doctors whose expertise spans a range of medical specialties, provided comprehensive healthcare coverage for communities on a voluntary basis,” said Hutton. She also provided meals for the elderly and the sick on the day.

“Our hope is that some good Samaritans will come to the aid of some of the members of our community. Some of them need wheelchairs,” she said.

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