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Molebatsi calls for internal roads

Daniel Chida

Member of Parliament for Mmadinare, Molebatsi Molebatsi has decried lack of development in his area.

When responding to the State of the Nation Address, Molebatsi highlighted that although he appreciates government’s efforts in investing in infrastructural development projects across the country, Mmadinare constituency has been largely neglected and therefore in need of serious and urgent attention.

He pointed out that that the constituency was promised internal roads during NDP 8/DDP5 and now government is on NDP 11 and yet there is no sign of the promised internal roads.

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“You can imagine such a big village with no internal roads. There are no taxi services because of the absence of internal roads. I humbly plead with the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development to consider including Mmadinare internal roads network and street lights in the current NDP 11 Mid – Term review,” Molebatse said.

Calling for a bridge in the village the MP pointed out that, “There are two rivers between Tobane and Tshokwe villages, being Motloutse and Molabe Rivers respectfully. The two rivers are less than 10kms apart. There is a bridge that crosses Motloutse and there is no bridge crossing Molabe River.”

He further highlighted that the river that crosses Motloutse will continue to serve no real purpose since once you crossed Motloutse you can’t cross Molabe River because there is no bridge crossing that particular river.

Molebatsi pleaded with the government to consider building a bridge on the long awaited Molabe River so that people could connect between the two villages during rainy seasons when the rivers a flooding.

“During rainy seasons, Tshokwe people get trapped on the other side of the river and don’t access the facilities like hospitals that are in Tobane, Selibe Phikwe and Mmadinare,” he pointed out.

Molebatsi however thanked the Ministry of Transport and Communication for having started the process of construction of the long-awaited road from Mmadinare to Robelela.

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“The 20kms tarred road does wonders to the development of our constituency; it’s an alternative route to Zimbabwe,” the MP noted and went on to request that when the construction of the second phase of the remaining 20kms of the road starts, government should also include a connecting road to Tonota, joining the A1 highway.

“When the Kazungula border opens, we are going to have many trucks going to the north being diverted from Beitbridge and we need to create more route options in Botswana, ” Molebatsi said.

He also noted that since the opening of border posts in SPEDU region like Platjan, Zanzibar a need has risen to open more routes for tourists and truckers going to the North.

” The increased number of vehicles passing through the constituency will bring opportunities for truck stops, filling stations, motels, bed and breakfast businesses on their route, the MP noted.

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