Forum seeks to lure Pension funds

Kabelo Adamson
MNCapital Group CEO: Ndinisa

MNCapital Group will at the end of this month host the Botswana Asset Owners Forum, focusing on infrastructure financing.

The forum will be held under the theme ‘paving the road to recovery and sustainable development’.

Briefing the media on Tuesday, MNCapital Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Michael Ndinisa said there are more projects locally that are in the pipeline that need financing.

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“The Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing Development has put in notice to say that they are looking at almost P2 billion worth of projects that are in the pipeline, some have already commenced,” said Ndinisa.

Nidinisa says the research they have been conducting over the past years has shown that the pension funds have been looking for investment opportunities locally.

“So, we want to see a lot of work and a lot of investments coming from our local pension funds into local assets,” said Ndinisa, adding that infrastructure is a key asset to an economy.

Ndinisa stressed that they are talking to pension funds as well as insurers who have shown interest to be part of the forum.

“The reason we want them to be there is that we know there are going to be challenges such as risks associated with investments”.

He said the forum is to have everyone in the value spectrum of infrastructure space involved in infrastructure development.

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“These involve engineers, construction companies, asset managers and the government so that we can address all these issues and achieve tangible results and resuscitate the economy and create employment,” Ndinisa said.

Business Botswana President, Gobusamang Keebine, who was part of the conference said the main focus was to have Batswana employed as well as to participate in the wealth creation of their country.

The forum is expected to deal with matters affecting and impacting investing in Africa from the asset owners’ perspective as well as to shine the spotlight on why investing in infrastructure is paramount to the continent’s economic recovery.

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