Don’t use the presidncy to launch business interests – Saleshando

Kabelo Adamson
NOT AMUSED: Saleshando

Leader of Opposition (LOO), Dumelang Saleshando has accused President Mokgweetsi Masisi of using the presidential seat to launch his business interests.

Saleshando, who is also a Member of Parliament for Maun West said this in parliament on Wednesday this week when responding to the State of the Nation Address (SONA) delivered by Masisi on Monday.

He described Masisi’s conduct as ‘rent seeking behavior.’

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“I remember when he became the President he warned cabinet ministers not to see them anywhere near government tenders which I thought was the right thing to do, but once he heard of Banyana Farms, he dumped the cabinet and now you are defending him,” lashed out Saleshando.

He said one couldn’t assume the Presidential seat with the main objective of enriching oneself.

“This is why we have made a law that even if you leave the presidency, we continue to take care of you, pay for your accommodation, pay for your utilities, even food and transport and airtime,” he said.

Masisi, Saleshando noted should be advised and not allowed to do as he pleases.

“We cannot have a president who every time he turns up for work it’s all about his applications, a president that spends more time in kraals than veterinarians which is why he cannot realize that he does not implement what he has pledged to do.”

“I was in Phikwe this past weekend, and a whole hotel wing was taken by the President’s entourage who went to donate goats. I have no doubt that the money used this weekend could have bought 100 goats that could have been given to the department of agriculture officers to donate across the country.”

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Saleshando further said Masisi’ s claim that he has secured a market for local goat and sheep meat was questionable because the country cannot even sustain itself in food production.

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