Development plan delays land allocation

Cathrine Moemedi
HOPEFUL: Yakenge

Tawana Landboard is gearing up for a significant land allocation exercise across its five sub-land boards in Maun, Seronga, Nokaneng, Shakawe, and Sehithwa.

With over 3000 plots expected to be allocated, the exercise aims to address a growing demand for residential land in the region.

Despite the allocation of only 3,427 plots this month, the landboard faces a substantial waiting list exceeding 20,000 applicants.

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Tawana Landboard Chairperson, Reamogetswe Yakenge, shed light on the delay, citing the need for meticulous planning in alignment with the Maun Development Plan. “Maun village was declared a planning area in 1995, requiring all allocations, including residential plots, to undergo thorough planning processes before allocation,” explained Yakenge.

She further disclosed that the Maun Development Plan 2023-2024 has recently received approval from the Northwest District Council and awaits final endorsement by the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development.

Once approved, the Development Plan is expected to pave the way for the allocation of 10,970 plots, with 3,872 earmarked for the Maun built-up area and 7,098 from the Polokabatho layout.

Tawana Landboard Secretary, Dothodzo Tabengwa, urged Batswana not to be disheartened by the extensive waiting list.

Tabengwa highlighted ongoing vetting processes aimed at scrutinizing applications to ensure fairness and equity in land allocation. “As every Motswana is entitled to only one direct allocation anywhere in Botswana, we are rigorously vetting applications to eliminate duplications. We anticipate that a significant number of applications will be vetted out, potentially reducing our waiting list by half,” Tabengwa affirmed.

Meanwhile, over 400 ploughing fields are currently under survey, with particular focus on Chanoga, Bothatogo, and Bodibeng villages, signaling the landboard’s commitment to addressing various land needs within the region.

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