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Alliance for Progressives VP: Wynter Mmolotsi

Mmolotsi turns down Masisi’s Ministerial offer We do not promise any positions or tenders as people claim- Kentse

Despite being the movers behind Constitution Amendment Bill, 2020 (Bill No. 14 of 2020), which seeks to stop partisan floor crossing, the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), is on an aggressive recruitment drive.

The BDP is said to have gone behind enemy lines, casting its fishing net into the Alliance for Progressive (AP) pond, hoping to catch a big fish.

However, the fish they were reportedly after, AP’s Vice President (VP), Wynter Mmolotsi, wriggled free.

According to a source from within the ruling party, President, Mokgweetsi Masisi, personally tried to lure Mmolotsi back into the BDP fold at the weekend.

Although he was reluctant to speak on the matter, Mmolotsi told The Voice it was true Masisi had approached him.

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“It’s a well-known fact that BDP has been aggressively recruiting from the opposition. I was told I could assist in the Ministry of Basic Education, but let’s just say it did not end well for the BDP!” said the Member of Parliament for Francistown South.

The source also claimed Mmolotsi had been willing to consider the move on the condition that he was made VP – a position currently held by Slumber Tsogwane.

It was a charge Mmolotsi dismissed.

“That is not true!” he said, breaking into laughter.

“What is true is that I told the President that I found it hypocritical for his party to table a motion seeking to curb floor crossing and then go on a recruitment drive among opposition parties’ Members of Parliament. I pointed out to him (Masisi) that it did not make sense for his party to argue that the motion on floor-crossing was meant to protect voters interests’ and feelings and then turn around and hurt the same voters that they said they wanted to protect by recruiting their representatives to cross the floor to the BDP.”

Concerning his party’s growth and visibility, the leader of the minority party in parliament said AP was growing at a steady pace from the foundation.

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“AP is not a party in a bubble. We are building a strong foundation and we are happy with the progress so far, ” he said, adding the AP leadership had planned a countrywide visit to constituencies to revitalize party structures but their plans were halted by a sudden spike in Covid-19 cases.

Meanwhile, when reached for a comment, Chairperson of BDP Communications, Kagelelo Banks Kentse confirmed his party was seeking new recruits and that Mmolotsi would be a welcome addition.

He also admitted it was highly unlikely Mmolotsi would have requested Tsogwane’s VP position. However, Kentse also maintained Masisi would not have offered Mmmolosi a Ministerial job as this goes against party policy.

“We love Mmolotsi and o na le bodulo ko BDP.( he has a home in the BDP) He is very intelligent and I do not think he would make such demands. The reality is that we do not promise any positions or tenders as people claim, we only tell them that we are a party they can trust to take Botswana forward. We would love to have politicians like him and Kenny Kapinga in our party,” said Kentse.

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