Davids’ killers claim self defense

Bame Piet
ACCUSED: Jabulani Dube (inset)

Accused number one in the sensational murder trial of former Mochudi East MP Isaac Davids dropped a bombshell in the Gaborone High Court this week, claiming they acted in self-defense.

Jabulani Dube (38) painted a harrowing picture, alleging Davids was about to kill them, forcing them to stab him.

The drama unfolded on January 13th, 2018, when Dube, feeling unwell, trekked to Sorilatholo village seeking medical help after Davids failed to pick him up from Lentswemabe cattlepost.

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Finding the clinic closed, he stayed at his girlfriend’s place. The next day, he called co-accused Mokgalemi Maleya (40) to bring horses to drive Davids’ cattle, as per Davids’ instructions.

According to Dube, chaos erupted when Davids arrived at a local shebeen. “Davids found us and immediately started assaulting Mokgalemi with a log, then ordered his companion, Ramonti Segwati, to fetch a gun, saying he needed to finish off the ‘dogs’,” Dube testified.

Dube recounted the terrifying moments, saying, “Mokgalemi was unconscious, and when I intervened, Davids turned on me, strangling me. Mokgalemi regained consciousness and stabbed him in the back, but Davids wouldn’t let go. I realized he was going to kill me. I managed to stab him on the thigh and cut his head twice. Only then did he fall.”

Bleeding profusely, Davids was moved under a nearby tree. “Segwati had driven off, returning with police officers who ignored my plea to seize the gun,” Dube added.

Dube revealed ongoing threats from Davids over unpaid wages, claiming Davids had previously shot another herdboy in 2008.

Under cross-examination by State Prosecutor Pascal Mhandu, Dube denied Davids spoke to anyone upon arrival, insisting he attacked immediately.

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Attorney Bathusi Brown represents Dube, while attorney Opeyemi Ajayi defends Mleya.

The trial continues, with the defense painting Davids as a man capable of deadly violence, making this case one to watch closely.


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