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Dogs found feeding on human foetus

Christinah Motlhabane
CONCERNED: Supt. Baatweng

Residents of Bluetown in Francistown were left in shock last weekend when they stumbled upon a gruesome scene of dogs devouring a decomposed human foetus.

The disturbing incident unfolded around 18:00 near the football pitch in Bluetown.

A concerned passerby reported the incident to Tatitown Police Station, expressing shock at the sight of dogs eating what appeared to be a baby in a plastic bag.

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Confirming the incident, Superintendent Boipuso Baatweng, the Tatitown Police Station Commander, disclosed that upon investigation, it was discovered that the dogs had unearthed the foetus from a shallow hole.

The decomposed state of the foetus suggested that the dogs might have been attracted by the smell.

“The remains were transported to Arew W clinic, but due to the extent of decomposition and damage caused by the dogs, the doctor could not determine whether it was a girl or a boy,” explained Baatweng.

The police boss urged anyone with information regarding the mother or the circumstances surrounding the incident to come forward.

He assured that the identity of those providing information would be protected.


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