Cresta Hotels enhances environmental awareness

Francinah Baaitse
HAND THAT GIVETH: Donation at Matlapana Primary School

Cresta Hotels in Maun recently took a significant step toward promoting environmental awareness among young learners by donating a total of 60 rubbish bins to two primary schools in the area.

The aim is to instill proper waste separation and disposal habits from an early age.

During the handover ceremony at Matlapana and Moremi Primary Schools, Cresta Hotels’ cluster manager, Seth Mongwaketse, emphasized the importance of teaching children to care for their environment. “It is important that we teach and guide these young children as early as primary school to be aware and conscious of proper care of the environment and their surroundings, that is key,” he stated.

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The donation, valued at around P60,000.00, also included refuse cages and stationery.

Mongwaketse highlighted the significance of labeling the rubbish bins to facilitate waste separation. “There are people who are recycling rubbish to make usable products, and if the children learn to separate rubbish, then it will make life easier for these people,” he explained.

The donation ceremony, conducted separately at Matlapana and Moremi Schools, addressed the urgent need for proper waste management in these highly populated institutions.

Mongwaketse observed the challenges faced by Moremi School before the donation, where open burning of rubbish posed environmental and health risks.

He emphasized the importance of providing rubbish bins and cages to ensure safer waste management practices.

Both schools, along with school heads and village chiefs, expressed gratitude for the donation, which also included much-needed stationery and standard seven revision books.

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The books are expected to contribute to improved examination results at the end of the academic year.

The generous gesture, according to Cresta Hotels, reflects the company’s commitment to giving back to the communities in which they operate, reinforcing their role as responsible corporate citizens.

WASTE NOT, WANT NOT: Somw of the donated waste bins
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