Chillin Out Friday March 08, 2024

Vee Mampeezy and the late Mapetla, Olebile Pilane (L-R)


Kwaito star, Thabo ‘Mapetla’ Ntirang has died and the loudest mourner of them all is obviously, Vee Mampeezy.

This is the same brother who was nowhere to be found when the latter needed him the most.

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It’s sad how Vee will be out there playing a good boy for everyone that passes when in life he was missing in action.

He is the real definition of Meno Masweu a bolaya a tshega, and Shaya is not happy at all.

What happened to being a brother’s keeper? Learn to chill, this is not politics and it could be your downfall.

Sticking with the sad subject of Mapetla’s passing, Shaya is sick of these prophets of doom who are never shy to tell the world that they’ve seen someone’s death in spirit.

One shameless prophet boldly posted on his Facebook wall that Mapetla’s death was a prophecy fulfilled.

The agents of satan have been emboldened, and they’re multiplying.

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Well Shaya has a prophecy for you, and it shall come to pass.

All of you will burn in hell.


A member of an opposition party seat in one of the constituencies is involved in a messy love triangle with two women of God.

Apparently this gentleman prefers monied women who are much older than him.

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Unsurprisingly, this has led to conflicts with the wife.

Shaya learnt that the soon-to-be-ex-wife, who endured years of abuse and endless cheating, finally filed for divorce.

But even before the matter could be finalized, the aspiring MP has allegedly gone ahead with marriage proceedings with his new beau, a divorcee who runs her own church.

Yours Truly understands the man is banking on the new woman to bankroll his campaign for the 2024 General Elections.

Well Mr Aspiring MP, that’s not a wise move for a man looking to get into public office.

Your love for the skirt will bring you down.

Stories of your many sexual escapades during party functions have reached Shaya, and they are ugly!

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I’ll call you when you return from your international trip.


“These persistent heat waves are a result of the American bulls, return them and ask forgiveness from the Gods please!”

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President Masisi’s nephew, Olebile Pilane responding to the announcement of yet another heat wave.

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