Court to rule on allegations against Isaac Kgosi

Sharon Mathala
HEAD TO HEAD: Magosi and Kgosi

Extension 2 Magistrate Batho Kgerethwa is expected to make her ruling this morning on whether to strike off damning evidence led by Director General (DG) of the DISS, Peter Magosi against his predecessor, Isaac Kgosi.

This comes after Kgosi’s lawyer, Unoda Mack, pleaded with Magistrate Kgerethwa to strike off Magosi’s evidence after his reluctance to take a stand last week.

Magosi gave evidence back in February 2019 alleging that the former Director General of the DISS, Isaac Kgosi, had illegal dealings and fraudulently awarded tenders to brothers, Tshepo and Kegone Sebina through their five companies.

In court on Friday, Mack submitted that the oral evidence given by Magosi should be expunged from the record. “They (the State) do not want to be exposed, that is why they refused to take the stand to allow us to cross examine Mr. Magosi. The guilty party is always afraid,” he said.

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Mack further poked holes into the state’s case against his clients saying that even the court had tried and failed to get answers from the state.

“The court was told that Isaac Kgosi threatened to topple government, but is that an offence,” the Magistrate asked and wondered how the said threat had anything to do with the applicants.

“Is it an offence to be an associate with someone? There can only be one conclusion why they won’t take the stand,” Mack said in his submissions.

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