Cop investigated for theft of roadblock fines

Gofaone Koogotsitse
INSET: Sergeant Matlou

A female police officer stationed at Takatokwane Police Station, Sergeant Abueng Matlou, has been suspended from duty following accusations of embezzling P22,000 in cash meant for charges at the Gamodubu roadblock along the Molepolole/Gaborone road.

Sergeant Matlou, who was assigned as a base commander at the roadblock since last month, responsible for handling cash transactions with other police officers, allegedly failed to account for the funds when her superiors requested it. It is reported that she gave various excuses, including claiming illness and visits to the hospital.

Realizing the severity of her situation, the 48-year-old officer reportedly attempted to sell goats on Facebook for P8,500, hoping to use the money to cover the debt. However, her colleagues became suspicious, and they alerted officers from the Crime Investigation Branch (CRIB).

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During questioning, Matlou reportedly apologized and eventually confessed, stating that she borrowed the money to settle debts, including car repairs for an accidental collision and providing financial assistance to her child.

In an attempt to evade responsibility, Matlou claimed she was mentally unfit and needed to be taken to Sbrana Psychiatric Hospital. However, investigations cast doubt on her claims when her child, questioned while she was detained, denied receiving any cash from her.

Matlou spent two days in detention from Tuesday to Thursday last week. Upon her release, she informed colleagues that she was unwell and went to the hospital, where she obtained a two-day sick leave. Subsequently, on Wednesday, she received a suspension letter.

Botswana Police Service Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Dipheko Motube, confirmed Matlou’s suspension, indicating that investigations are ongoing.

While Motube did not disclose the potential course of action, the officer faces potential charges of embezzlement, an offense that could result in dismissal from her position and a prison term not exceeding seven years if convicted.


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