Controversy follows Badiphitlho

Daniel Chida

Woman accuses the burial society of withholding her burial Payout

Badiphitlho Burial Society is once again embroiled in controversy, this time involving a delay in paying out a claim to a member who lost her father eight months ago.

Kelebogile Nono Raphala, from Mafikana ward in Kanye, has been waiting for her claim and in the meantime incurring costs emanating from endless trips to Gaborone following the death of her stepfather, Ontlametse Joseph, on June 16, 2023.

According to the burial society’s scheme official payout timelines, Raphala was supposed to receive her claim within 48 hours to cover the burial expenses.

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However, despite submitting all the required documents on time, she has not received the promised P15 000 payout for her P95 monthly contributions.

In an interview with this publication, Raphala explained how she was plunged into debt when she was forced to borrow P6 000 from a friend to bury her father, leading to a strain in their relationship.

“We are no longer on talking terms with my friend and soon I may find myself behind bars,” she sobbed.

She went on to express frustration with the burial society, stating that her continuous visits to their office have been unfruitful and depressing.

She further alleged that the company has been giving her the runarounds, initially promising to credit the money into her account but failing to do so.

She also accused the company of suddenly demanding a medical report, which was not part of the initial required documents, raising suspicions of fraud.

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However, Badiphitlho Burial Society’s Human Resources Manager, Lesego Kgobogi claimed ignorance of the case and promised to come back with details but failed to do so in the end.

The society is not new to controversy as it was once attacked by the public on social media for failing to honour its agreement with its subscribers.

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